Ten Inspirations: Yes I’m Leaving


Pic by Chris Foster

Us here at the ‘Scene are jaded so we don’t like leaving the house or listening to new bands much. It’s just sun hats and mandolins and people getting all up in our grillz anyway. So when a band like Yes I’m Leaving comes along we sit up and take notice. They are loud and abrasive and excellent. Singer/guitarist Billy Burke told us ten things that inspire him.

Whether it’s his decade-old underwear state inducing party bomb Taste the Radness or his current and deeply haunting reimagining Taste the Sadness this “industry veteran” is as engaging as he is enigmatic.

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News Breakdown: 17th November

Ever think to yourself you have more money than sense? If you do you’re probably an audiophile that’s reppin’ the standard Beats By Dre headphones. Well now you can go one step further and have some delightful Hello Kitty headphones adorning your cranium. The best part is they’re only $285! Style has never been that affordable.
But why stop there? How about these phresh GOLD headphones and pills for the low low price of $850.

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