Album Review: Die! Die! Die! – Harmony

The what: Album number 4 from Dunedin’s noisiest trio, Die! Die! Die!

This time around they are joined by new bass player Michael Logie, formerly of The Mint Chicks. If anyone knows me they’ll know how totes amazeballs this news is to me. No idea what happened to Lachlan as the internet is suprisingly vague on this. If anyone can let me know if the comments that’ll be swell.

The album opens with the explosive Oblivious: Oblivion which sets the tone for the album – big angular riffs over the trademark tribal drumming and heavy distorted bass. The formula for most of these tracks are the same as what they’ve always done. So if it’s good why change it?

Not just your bog standard punk band that wear safety pins through their cocks or whatever, these dudes have always stood out from the crowd by not even being a punk band (although to the untrained ear it may seem that way). There’s lot of dreamy shoegaze-y moments like Trinity and Seasons Revenge. Hell, even old mate Anton Newcombe is a fan.

Is he a fan? I assume he doesn’t retweet album previews from LMFAO.

What else is happening? No One Owns A View is damn angry and shouty as is Changeman. Twitching Sunshine has a freakin’ rad chorus that gets back to that harmonious shoegaze stuff. The closer is Get Back and ends on a great vibe, like that scene in a movie where the hero dies but he sacrificed himself so the town can finally have clean drinking water. Or something.

You know what you either like this band or you don’t. I’m not gonna pretend to be all deep and shit by going off tangents a la Pitchfork or its wannabe step-cousin Mess & Noise. This is a stupidly good album so just fucking listen to it.

Verdict: Contender for album of the year bitches.