We spoke to the dude that went to Prince’s exclusive Sydney afterparty



After having just recovered from his hangover we spoke to Bugalugs* about attending the swankiest, most exclusive party in town. After all, Prince is his hero.

I hear you spent $400 on Prince tickets as you’re quite the fan. When the show ended what happened next?
Wiped the tears off my face after a fantastic rendition of purple rain crossed with Anna Stesia to end his third encore, collected my free HitnRun phase two cd and went home to listen to it. Then saw the tweet from dainty group 3 seconds after it was posted at midnight(pretty lucky) saying the afterparty was at Casablanca in Double Bay.. Booked my Uber and I was probably about the 10th person there. Continue reading

Ten Inspirations: Solkyri


Solkyri have been flying just under the radar for a while now, but with their third album Sad Boys Club they are steadily gaining traction. We spoke to Andrew about ten bands ten bands that inspire him.
The following list comprises my favourite Australian bands. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the scene we have here in this country and I am proud to call all of them my friends. Without any further mention…”

1. Laura

The first instrumental band I got into from this country. This track is beautifully dark and somewhat optimistic. Side note – the Solkyri youtube account held the top comment on this video page. See if you can find it.

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Ten Inspirations: sleepmakeswaves

Those boys from sleepmakeswaves have been busy; they released their acclaimed album Love of Cartography a year ago and have steadily been on the road since April, playing a SHITLOAD of shows all over Europe and Asia, finally winding down in Australia.

Next Saturday sees the band play their biggest Sydney headline show to date; the Metro Theatre with postrock legends This Will Destroy You and local noisemakers Gay Paris.

We caught up with Tim Adderley who says: “I’ve realised in recent years that probably most of my musical inspiration comes from the bands that sleepmakeswaves has been lucky enough to tour with. Whether it’s their music, their live show, the wonderful people they are on and off the stage or a combination of all those things, they inspire me in one way or another during and long after the tour is over. There are many more than I’m able to list here, but here’s 10 of them in no particular order.”
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The cult of Cedric & Omar continues: Antemasque’s first Australian theatre show


The last time I saw Cedric & Omar was at the Coachella Festival in 2012 when it was the ‘triumphant return’ of At The Drive-In. Whether it was a blatant cash-grab or to ‘rekindle old friendships’ is open to debate, but one thing is certain: the intensity of early ATD-I was sorely lacking. In the olden days they’d play a festival at 2pm and perform like it was the final thing they’d ever do. They put everything into their shows. And now here they were, playing at 8pm on the third day of arguably the best festival in the world and it seemed liked Omar couldn’t give less of a shit, standing almost in the rafters looking bored as he played while the rest of the guys plowed forth.


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Ten Inspirations: Yes I’m Leaving


Pic by Chris Foster

Us here at the ‘Scene are jaded so we don’t like leaving the house or listening to new bands much. It’s just sun hats and mandolins and people getting all up in our grillz anyway. So when a band like Yes I’m Leaving comes along we sit up and take notice. They are loud and abrasive and excellent. Singer/guitarist Billy Burke told us ten things that inspire him.

Whether it’s his decade-old underwear state inducing party bomb Taste the Radness or his current and deeply haunting reimagining Taste the Sadness this “industry veteran” is as engaging as he is enigmatic.

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