Live: At the Drive-In in Sydney and Melbourne


The what: Our favouritest ever band in the whole world FINALLY makes it to Australia on their 2016 tour. We dropped into Melbourne and Sydney.

Let’s backtrack – why do we love them? The year was 2000 and I was living in London, Y2K turned out to be nothing more than a non-event, the Twin Towers stood proud and nü metal was the word on the street. Dudes that were decked out in Adidas and other dudes wearing red NY Yankee caps were part of the zeitgeist. Muzak seemed so fucking lame. Then one day I saw an article in Kerrang magazine about these 5 cats from El Paso who look kinda dweeby and  didn’t have the machismo of Durst, they said they are a band to watch so I watched. I was intrigued. Then I got my hands on a compilation cd that featured Cosmonaut and that was it. I knew this shit was something else.

I was there, at Coachella in 2012 when they made their comeback, eleven years after calling it quits. I was so goddamn excited but that show left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Cedric was being condescending and the band limped through their set. I later found out that Omar’s mother passed just a few days before, so that explains some things.

In Melbourne and Sydney we saw a refreshed band. A band playing to the same angry kids that took a shine to them all those years ago. Everyone is older, but sometimes the intensity never fades. Cedric and Omar and Tony and Paul and Keeley performed like this were their final moments on the planet; playing as nobody would ever see them live again. And these were only Friday and Sunday shows for them. If a band can’t cut it live what hope do they have?

Setlist. Very similar setlist as they’ve been doing for the past few months: open with Arcarsenel, move into Pattern Against User and shimmy into Sleepwalk Capsules. Lots of bangers off Relationship, a few pleasant surprises from Vaya and In / Casino / Out  including Shaking Hand Incision and 198d. No El Gran Orgo or Acrobatic Tenement or Hell Paso or even Elfaro Vive, Carajo, but thems the breaks.

I thought there’d be no encores, but ending on Non-Zero Possibility and One Armed Scissor is bittersweet. Cedric said they’ll be back with a new album and tour. And we will be there.

Rating: onestaronestaronestaronestaronestar