Weekly News Breakdown: 19th November 2012

How’s your Movember going? Is it going good? I hope you donate your monies to the correct charities and don’t pocket it for yourself.

But if you suffer from Irreparable Hipster Syndrome (IHS) and are keeping the moustache might I suggest gin & tonic flavoured moustache wax. GIN AND TONIC. Waste your money here.

Insane Clown Posse; now there’s a bad idea. Whoever thought that smearing your face with spooky clown paint and spraying dudes with Faygo and having fans like this would be sweet needs to reassess their priorities. In a cruel twist of fate it’s been reported that Violent J has been diagnosed with skin cancer. From playing volleyball at the nudist colony? No, from his carcinogenic-heavy slap he’s been pimping around in for more than a decade. I hope he recovers as I don’t wish harm on anybody but hopefully this is a wake up call on just how awful everything they do really is.
Story here.


Good work to The Laurels for not only being Australia’s best psych band but for playing the Austin Psych Fest next year with dudes whose wardrobe consists of only black clothes and have black in their names such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, Black Mountain, The Black Ryder and of course Black Bananas. This festival looks beyond DOPE so maybe it’s time us here at the ‘Scene start saving our pennies? Dig.


Last year Damien from Fucked Up said the band will go on hiatus so he can be a family man. The good news is that he will remain a family man whilst keeping on with the band. The things people say when they’re exhausted eh? New album soon too. Roll on Soundwave sideshows.


One of my rad scenesters informed me that Unknown Mortal Orchestra are indeed playing a show in Sydney, and not only Peat’s Ridge. They are playing at The Standard on the 2nd January. Get tickets here, attend, get mind blown, get yer rocks off.


If this isn’t the best album cover of the year then you have no taste. Look, it’s a gif. Coincidentally also the word of the year. Grab Action Bronson’s mixtape here and go see him with Peanut Butter Wolf at Manning Bar on January 12.